It was all the fault of the Sunday New York Times

When I think about it, it’s all the fault of the Sunday New York Times. If it wasn’t for that paper, my life as the Yankee owner of a Wine/Cheese shop in the Deep South would have continued on its own unique path. But that’s a different story. This is the story of my arrival in Liberia in 1988. The story begins…… I don’t know if it is the same now, but when I lived in Alabama, the Sunday Mobile paper was more frequently referred to as the “fish wrapper”. Sunday was the only day I didn’t spend at the … Continue reading It was all the fault of the Sunday New York Times

Is it Belonging- or Longing to be?

For years, my personal quote has been, “Life is an adventure – take detours.” I have wanted to not just experience travel, but to be a part of the rest of the world since I was in grade school. The best present I ever received was a ticket to a series of travelogues. I would sit in the auditorium and be transported each week all over the world. I have searched my adult life to find that place of “belonging”. Each time, I have found that ‘belonging’ in the places I have lived as an expat. I am a global … Continue reading Is it Belonging- or Longing to be?

A Cup of Tea

My friend Jenita posted a writing prompt on her Facebook page this week asking us to write a short response and post it. What a fun and easy diversion! Plus, for a moment, it made me stop and remember how seemingly unimportant actions can impact someone else’s memories. So, here’s to ‘a cup of tea’ and my mom. A cup of hot tea and my mother will always be intertwined. Boiled water poured over black tea and steeped 5 minutes. Tea pot covered with a tea cozy. The ritual followed 7 days a week to this day in her 94th … Continue reading A Cup of Tea

Life on the Osa Peninsula

This is a series I originally wrote for my friend Andrew Grey who owns Chosa Manglar Nature Retreat in Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica in 2010 (Almost) Home Some people plan their international move for years. My move took exactly 9 days from the time I answered an ad looking for teachers at the local bilingual school, Escuela Nueva Hoja, until I was grabbing my bag from the airport tarmac here in Puerto Jimenez. I had exactly enough time to find out where I was going and get an idea of the environment I was moving to.   As my Nature Air … Continue reading Life on the Osa Peninsula